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Ningxia Ningdong: The domestic coal chemical industry takes the lead in the in-depth application of blockchain technology

In the middle of winter, although the plug is dripping with ice, but into Ningxia Ningdong energy base, clearly feel a surge of warmth here。

At 14:30 on January 4, 2021, the launch conference of Ningdong Energy and Chemical supply chain Management platform was successfully held in the Management Committee of Ningdong Base。This conference was held in the form of online, with the theme of "interconnection enabling sharing and win-win", focusing on promoting Ningdong energy and chemical supply chain management platform, building a digital application management platform integrating coal production, supply and marketing, and helping Ningdong Base to achieve stable and long-term high-quality development。

"In recent years, Ningdong Base has adhered to the clean and efficient use of coal and built a state-level modern coal chemical industry base with high-quality development。Tao Shaohua, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Ningdong Base Management Committee, made a passionate keynote speech。He said that with the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading, some problems on the coal supply side have become increasingly prominent, Ningdong base purchases about 80 million tons of coal every year, the market scale, the degree of information technology is low, and the industrial chain and supply chain resources are relatively closed。With the goal of reaching the peak of carbon and the vision of carbon neutrality, it has become urgent to build a high-quality, multi-level and wide-ranging effective supply system, and it is urgent to develop new opportunities in crises and open new situations in changes。

Tao Shaohua continued to introduce that in the face of new changes in the energy supply and demand pattern and new trends in energy development, Ningdong Base has always adhered to the concept of innovative development, actively integrated into the new development pattern, vigorously promoted the industrial Internet, and improved the modernization level of the industrial chain and supply chain。Ningdong Energy and Chemical supply chain Management platform relies on big data, blockchain, Internet of Things and modern logistics technology, and is committed to creating a multi-variety, full-chain, one-stop supply chain management platform for coal and chemical products。In 2020, the introduction of the listed company Rui Maotong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. and Ningdong Development and Investment Company to cooperate to establish Ningdong Energy and Chemical supply chain Management Co., LTD., the construction and operation of Ningdong Energy and chemical supply chain management platform, to promote the high-end, green, intelligent and integrated development of the industry。

After the launch and signing ceremony, the reporter interviewed Wangwang, president of the "easy coal network" trading platform under the Ruimaotong supply chain。He told reporters that whether it is Rui Maotong, the first listed supply chain management company in China, or Easy Coal, which started in Shanghai in 2014, they all have an operational network and a management team with rich experience in the coal industry。Ningdong energy base has high industrial agglomeration, strong correlation and complete supply chain ecosystem,In addition, it has a storage and transportation port of 2000 mu,Fully capable and strong based on Ningdong and surrounding coal demand,Relying on big data, blockchain, Internet of Things and modern logistics concepts and technologies,Build a multi-variety, full-chain, one-stop supply chain management platform for coal and chemical products,Through coal source procurement, raw coal processing, coal quality testing, coal storage, coal distribution, coal distribution,Improve the efficiency and added value of the coal flow value chain。"Our aim is to promote service by platform, promote industry by technology, continuously improve the operational efficiency of Ningdong's supply chain, and ensure the high-quality development of Ningdong," said Wang。

How to deeply apply blockchain technology to ensure the efficient and safe operation of Ningdong supply chain?Yang Tao, 31, general manager of Ningxia Ningdong Energy and Chemical Supply Chain Management Co., LTD., is eloquent。"This platform jointly built by Ningdong and Ruimotong gathers six major service sectors such as information consulting, sunshine procurement, logistics services, bank-enterprise docking, storage and transportation port services, and chemical products services.。With Ningdong base as the core, the platform radiates coal chemical enterprises in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, Ordos, Inner Mongolia and other regions, providing the whole process of coal and chemical supply chain services from coal and coal chemical information, product trading, warehousing, logistics and transportation, quality testing, financial settlement, bank-enterprise connection。”

Yang Tao finally said,After the launch of the platform,Information platform will be used as the carrier,On the basis of core enterprise credit,To "self-support + platform + join" model,It is supported by centralized procurement, unified orders, bank-enterprise docking services, logistics and warehousing,Integrate upstream, middle and downstream resources,Cultivate the coal chemical supply chain ecosystem with the service of Ningdong base enterprises as the core,Further reduce cost and increase efficiency for regional enterprises,Ensure the security of supply chains and industrial chains,To support ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin。