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Experts and scholars gathered together for the development of new chemical materials in Ningxia

Sponsored by the Ningxia Association of Science and Technology, Ningxia Chemical Analysis and Testing Association, the National Coal and coal chemical product Quality supervision and inspection Center and other units jointly undertaken, 2021 Ningxia Chemical New materials Development Forum was held in Yinchuan on April 19。

  In 2020, the China Association for Science and Technology listed Yinchuan as a pilot city of "Science and Technology China", and the autonomous region government also listed new materials as one of the nine key industries for Ningxia's economic development。To promote the high quality development and technological progress of the new chemical materials industry in Ningxia,We will promote closer integration of industry, universities and research institutes,The forum invited experts and scholars from universities inside and outside the region, relevant scientific research institutions, researchers from universities and enterprises in Ningxia,Relevant research results and new technology applications,Through a combination of online and offline,Conduct extensive and in-depth discussions and exchanges,It involves many fields such as polymer functional materials, pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates, special chemicals, petrochemical and coal chemical carbon-based materials, graphene materials, new green and environmental protection materials, and new energy materials。At the forum, experts and scholars made wonderful special reports on "Continuous preparation and catalytic application of metal-organic framework materials", "Research on photoinduced phase separation of all-inorganic mixed halide perovskite", "Development of functional aromatic plant essential oil" and other contents。

  西安交通大学电子科学与工程学院副教授 尹行天:宁夏的气候环境和地理环境都非常适合光伏产业的发展/现阶段新型的太阳能电池 比如钙钛矿光伏技术 它具有低成本和高效率的特点 而且它特别适合作为锂电池应用于硅电池 作为一种叠层电池来使用 从而迅速的提高它的光电转化效率/我觉得宁夏应该走在时代的前沿 把我们新型的这种技术推向到我们的实际应用中去 / 一些稳定性上的或者效率的需要更进一步的提高

  北京低碳清洁能源研究院高级工程师 盖青青:我们现在和宁东能源化工基地有很多的合作项目 我们在这个工作的过程中 也发现现在如果我们的油品只走传统的汽油 煤油和传统的石蜡的话 其实发展前景并不是特别好 所以我们也希望和宁东加大我们的科研投入 然后科研助力我们一起合作 把这些油品 石蜡向高端的具有高附加值的化工产品继续发展。

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