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The performance of new coal water slurry additive is leading in China

On August 31, ZY117 new high-performance coal water slurry additive passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal organized by Shaanxi Provincial Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Xi 'an。Experts believe that the coal water slurry prepared by the additive has good fluidity and stability, and the concentration of coal slurry can be increased by 1 to 3 percentage points compared with other additives, and the comprehensive performance is better than that of similar domestic products, reaching the domestic leading level。

  Experts believe that this new modified graft polymer coal water slurry additive contains sulfonic acid group, carboxylic acid group and hydroxyl functional group, which enhances the fluidity and stability of coal slurry, and has a good ability to resist calcium and magnesium ions, and it is recommended to accelerate the promotion and application。The technology not only realizes industrial production, advanced technology, but also has no "three wastes" emission in the process, which meets the requirements of green environmental protection。

  Coal water slurry additives currently have a variety of naphthalene series, lignin series, humic acid series, polyolefin series, polycarboxylic acid series and related compounding products,But there are still some problems, such as uneven quality, poor adaptability of coal, low pulping concentration, weak resistance to calcium and magnesium ions, mismatch between dispersion and stability,It is difficult to meet the needs of different coal types to prepare coal water slurry。According to Zheng Hua 'an, a professor at Northwest University who is in charge of the project,They use a wide range of inexpensive biomass as feedstock,One step grafting polymerization by oxidation-reduction and free radical,ZY117, a new high performance coal water slurry additive with independent intellectual property rights, was prepared,At the same time, it has the effect of dispersing, stabilizing and enhancing concentration,Overcome the single or compound additive coal adaptability is not strong and other difficulties。

  According to reports, the additive can be used not only for coal water slurry gasification, but also for hazardous waste collaborative treatment, combustion and long-distance pipeline transportation。The results show that there are no reports of similar techniques at home and abroad。2018年6月,ZY117 additive was tested for industrial pulp production in the coal water slurry gasification production unit of a 600,000-ton/year methanol project of a chemical enterprise in Ningxia,The results show that the concentration of the prepared coal slurry is 1 ~ 2 percentage points higher than that of other compound additives.At the same concentration,The viscosity of coal slurry is low,Strong liquidity and stability。

  At present, the total amount of coal water slurry used for gasification, combustion, hazardous waste collaborative treatment and pipeline transportation in China is more than 300 million tons per year, and the supporting demand for coal water slurry additives is more than 1 million tons。However, the annual production of domestic coal water slurry additives is only about 500,000 tons, which is difficult to meet the needs of coal water slurry enterprises for additives。