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  High-level talent team is an important guarantee for the completion of the company's science and technology projects。Companies strengthen on innovative talents, especiallyIt is the cultivation and introduction of comprehensive talents with multi-disciplinary knowledge base and talents with sustainable innovation ability。Through joint training with universities, domestic and foreign training, scientific research institutions and other forms of talent training, it is necessary to take a variety of forms to attract overseas talents, and establish a high-level talent team for the development of supporting technologies in the coal chemical industry。The company has 51 employees, including 22 college degree or above, 10 full-time scientific and technological personnel, intermediate technical titles or above7人。

Basic information of the main R & D personnel of the enterprise

序号姓名职称Main technical field
1Cao HuapengEngineerCoal chemical gasification supporting technology product development
2Yang XuzhouEngineerNew product technology development
3Liu BaominEngineer化工Instrumentation electrical
4李建EngineerChemical engineering