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Company introduction

  Ningxia Chuaneng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise focusing on the development of supporting technologies in the coal chemical industry, and is committed to the research and development, production, sales and technical services of key technologies in the coal chemical industry chain。

  Chuanneng Chemical mainly produces high-efficiency coal water slurry additives。For the quality of raw coal in different regions, the company has established a complete domestic coal-water slurry additive production base, with an annual output of 100,000 tons。To optimize and extend service projects,The company brings together the technical strength of Shanghai and Nanjing,Established a research and development center integrating basic research, product design and system evaluation,Has more than 20 technical research and development team,It includes a consulting team composed of 5 well-known chemical experts and a research and development team composed of 10 doctors and masters,And by a number of senior engineers and other senior technical personnel composed of engineering and technical team。The company can provide customers with a full range of engineering process support, including different coal grading scheme design, special additives customization, pulping process performance analysis, pulping optimization program preparation。

  Stable DCS quality management system, immediate after-sales response system, continuous product research and development capabilities, a full range of after-sales service, making Chuaneng Chemical in the industry in the leading position。Chuanneng Chemical adheres to the enterprise spirit of product as the core and customer as the orientation, and provides customers with quality products and services by constantly improving the management and operation level and optimizing the product structure。