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Cooperation and exchange

  Since its establishment, the company regards research and development as the vitality of the sustainable development of enterprises,For this purpose, a research and development center integrating basic research, product design and system evaluation has been established,Has more than 10 technical research and development team,It includes a research and development team of 5 chemical experts and 6 PHDS and masters,And by a number of senior engineers and other senior technical personnel composed of engineering and technical team。

     June 12, 2013,Chuan Neng Chemical and Ningxia University signed the "Industry-University-Research Cooperation Agreement",Ningxia Coal chemical industry supporting technology (high-end auxiliaries) R & D center was established,The two parties jointly develop, improve and optimize the performance of Chuanneng chemical additives and the supporting engineering application design scheme (including comprehensive evaluation of coal quality, compound coal configuration, pulverized coal grading, slurry analysis of Osif additives and other process parameters).,And energy saving and emission reduction technology program development,Form a closely integrated industry-university-research alliance,To provide continuous technical services to coal chemical enterprises in Ningxia and surrounding areas。

  In addition to working closely with Ningxia University,The main person in charge of the R&D center also actively went out to communicate with other countries,From 2012 to 2016, he participated in the China Coal Water Slurry Gasification Technical and Economic Forum,Exchange and study with industry experts, professors, scholars and technical peers from well-known domestic universities and research institutions such as National Coal-Water Slurry Engineering Research Center, Zhejiang University, China University of Mining and Technology, Lanzhou University, Northwest Chemical Research Institute, Xi 'an University of Science and Technology,Master the development of the industry,Improve the technical level and influence of Chuan Neng Chemical industry。